Foothill-Sierra Pest Control is the leader in weed control. We have the staff, training, experience, equipment, chemicals and licensing to handle any weed problem.

  • Annual weed control
  • Poison oak control
  • Star thistle control
  • Blackberry control
  • Brush control
  • Driveways
  • Fencelines
  • Firebreaks
  • Lawn weed control
  • Ornamental Areas
  • Empty lots
  • Aquatics
  • Pre-asphalt weed control
  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Rangelands
  • Sewer lines
  • Star Thistle control
  • Yards
Weed Control
Weed Control
Weed Control
Control weeds around your pond in the Sierra Foothills
Control weeds around your pond in the Sierra Foothills

Control weeds around your pond in the Sierra Foothills

Foothill Sierra weed control

Annual Weed Control

Winter and spring annual weeds are the weeds that germinate, grow, set seed and die by summer. These weeds present serious fire hazards for the residents of the foothills. In our annual weed control, we apply a mixture of herbicides that kill existing weeds and stop germination, saving you the work of weed-eating, mowing, pulling or spraying.

Annual weed control is the easy, fast and inexpensive way to get rid of weed problems.


Poison Oak ControlPoison oak

Poison oak is a native, and abundant, shrub in the Mother Lode. Best time to spray is after the spring outgrowth, and depending on soil moisture, May, June, or sometimes July. Prices are very reasonable. Free estimates.


Star Thistle and Rangeland Weed ControlArgo

We treat pasture and rangeland for star thistle. We have boom rigs on trucks, a Kawasaki Mule and and an Argo. We can get to where you need us to go.

Aquatic Weed Control

We control weeds in and around ponds.



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